Tuesday, July 24, 2007


**UPDATED: see HERE for all my professional docs, the links below to googlegroups files are all broken**

As I write this, it is the last week of July, 2007. I have finished all requirements for the M.S. Chemistry from UF, and have signed a contract with the Hammond School to join their chemistry faculty. I'll update the page as necessary.

For a non-technical overview of my work experiences, see the document:

For the technical report of the highlights of what I've accomplished at UF, see the document:
For all work-related documents I've elected to make public, see the webpage or document file:
Graduate school research and chemistry-related publications and reports (rev. 7/24/07):

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For more personal information, see about me.

If you need to know more, email me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Morgan Family Videos

Okay, so here are some really long movies made from various home videos and photos that my dad compiled for many years. The original VHS was very poor quality, and the audio was spotty. In some scenes, the voices are clear, while in others a constant background noise was irritating. Thus, I put classical music in the background, but at such a level as to allow you to make out the voices when they are clear.

The Morgan family tree:

Fixed! *for some unknowable reason, GV rejected part 1, I'm working on getting it restored*

Morgan family video part 1:

Morgan family video part 2:

This is a short (12 min) vintage-era movie put together from 3 hours of film using Windows Movie Maker.

Here is the link to it on Google Video -- it is best viewed at its 320 x 240 px resolution.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


For anyone interested, here are some of our wedding pictures:
We also have video of our wedding that I recently edited and added some music to. Unfortunately, the raw film quality is quite low, as it was recorded on VHS for free by a friend.

Here is a short version of our wedding on YouTube:

And here is the long version on Google Video, which I suggest watching at its original size to preserve the resolution:

One point of interest in the GV version is when Am starts singing to me, at 13:55.