Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I now have a dedicated webpage for tutoring. As a high school teacher and a former TA with 10 semesters of general chemistry experience, I have the skills and knowledge to help you learn chemistry. I tutor all levels and courses in chemistry -- from middle school physical science to graduate-level biochemistry courses. I can also tutor pretty much any biology, chemistry, or physics high school science classes, up through AP.


I prefer evenings and weekends. See my posted schedule for weekday times when it is possible (by appointment) to meet.

  1. The easiest thing for me is to tutor at my home when my wife is here [Masterson Station neighborhood]
  2. If (1) is not an option, then I would prefer to meet at a neutral public place (like a library or bookstore or coffee house)
  3. If neither (1) nor (2) are available, I will consider meeting you at your abode provided we are not alone
I have an M.S. in Chemistry from UF and a B.A. and B.S. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Virginia Tech. See my educational background posts or my résumé for more details. For my overall course transcripts see here for a spreadsheet. For more details, see my post on my undergraduate education and graduate education. References are available upon request.

Here are my rates:

  • $35/hr for un-contracted tutoring (no minimum)
  • $30/hr for prepaid contracted tutoring (min. 5 hours)
  • $25/hr for prepaid contracted tutoring (min. 10 hours)
  • $20/hr minimum (negotiable) for prepaid contracted tutoring exceeding 10 hours
It is understandable if you want to "try me out" for an hour (or more) with no contract before committing. My rates are non-negotiable within the above parameters. For students who contract for more than 10 hours, the hourly rate varies inversely with hours contracted.

Before deciding, just contact me via email or text / call me: 352.870.4413 (m).

Once you are sure about contracting, you may download, print and fill out my contract here:

Here's why I charge more un-contracted than the typical tutor (by about $10-15/hr):

  1. I have been a tutor and teacher for years. See my educational background posts or my résumé for more details. You'll get more from my hour than some (cheaper) services, so consider value for your money.
  2. The more time you spend in tutoring, the greater the impact on your grades or test scores. By incentivizing pre-pay, I'm ensuring you'll see a distinct improvement and I'm minimizing the risk for both of us in cancellation or disruptions.
  3. I think that tutoring is a relationship as well as a service, and that both of us will benefit more if it is stable and scheduled. In addition, most of your demand for tutoring will spike at the ends of semesters (exam times) and this coincides with the time that many other tutors will be busy with their own projects (as college or graduate students). Given my system using contracting, this addresses that problem for me.
  4. To get the most of your sessions, I'll ask you to bring copies of old quizzes, tests, or other assignments to the first session, and copies of new ones to all meetings thereafter, so that I can see what sorts of mistakes you're making and learn more about your learning style(s).
Contact me via email or text / call me with any questions or for clarification: 352.870.4413 (m).