Thursday, July 7, 2022

About Me

I'm married with two kids, a public high school teacher & I've lived in Lexington, Kentucky since 2012.

I've been a chemistry & physics teacher for eleven years & worked in industry R&D for two years. 


June 2022

I attended four universities (VT, UF, UK, UC) & obtained a double bachelor’s degree (B.A. Chemistry & B.S. Biochemistry) & two master’s degrees (M.S. Chemistry, M.A.T. Education), while living in four different states (VA, FL, SC, KY). My first six years of teaching were in a private school setting, and the last five years have been in two large urban public schools (currently at FDHS). I also worked at a UV-LED startup run by Asif Khan doing manufacturing / R&D for two years and produced two peer-reviewed published journal articles [1, 2] in electrical engineering from that work.

My wife and I have an AirBnb & we rent our van on Turo.